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Increase visibility and drive conversions with hashtags on all your posts. Effortlessly include relevant high-performance hashtags in every post.

How Auto Hashtags Work

Add hashtags once. See them in every post.

How WordPress Social Scheduler Works

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Connect your content feed to Then add hashtags relevant to your content. When we post new items, we'll automatically include your hashtags. It's that easy! 

Hashtag Marketing Automation

Keep it Steady or Mix it Up


Keep it Consistent with Fixed Tags

Add your relevant, top performing hashtags when you set up your feed. When we share new content on social media, we’ll include all of these hashtags with every post.

Automatically Cycle Through Top Hashtags

Create a pool of relevant hashtags and we’ll dynamically generate a set tags for each post. Drive traffic from a wide variety of top performing hashtags, while keeping your posts fresh.

Social Media Marketing Automation

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