We have all heard that “content is king” – Sumner Redstone deemed it so, then Rupert Murdoch upped the ante, calling it “emperor”. With such an emphasis on its importance – one can’t help but realize the endless string of follow-up questions, that come with such terms:
Content is King by renaissancechambara

Content is King, or is it?

If content is king, how do we make sure it is delivered to the right places? At the right time? How can we measure the effectiveness of this content and its distribution?

In the coming years, major changes are facing content creation and the reader’s experience of accessing it, digesting it and interacting with it. A recent Ad Age article dives deeper, calling content delivery the “crown prince” of the content world.

Our prediction for the future? The siteless Web will continue to de-emphasize posting and sending your content to one single destination. This doesn’t necessarily mean that websites aren’t useful, it means that as brands and content strive to catch eyeballs, it will become more important than ever to distribute across mediums and locations: websites, platforms, social networks, new devices and more.

In a recent article by Ramon Ray from SmallBizTechnology Why Content Is King for Growing Business and Not Just for Media Companies he says,

“Tools like Dlvr.it are going to be EXTREMELY important as businesses take their content and micro-broadcast it online to their respective audiences.”

Dlvr.it’s social media management tools can supercharge any content publisher’s siteless strategy – delivering and syndicating your content to where your audience is. With metrics to help refine this strategy over time, content delivery with dlvr.it is truly crown prince.