We are kicking off a new series on the Dlvr.it blog. We have a talented, diverse, and often times colorful group of bloggers, publishers and brands Dlvr-in’ It. Some you may have heard of and others you should get to know. In this series, we’ll introduce a Dlvr.it user and give you a glimpse of their work. Hopefully, you’ll discover some unique and interesting people and content to follow.

Meet J.E. Skeets

If you are a sports fan like us, you know it’s the NBA playoffs so we were excited to have a chat with J.E. Skeets NBA Blogger and podcaster at the Score.

Skeets is one of those colorful bloggers I talked about. His creative and snarky writing style often has me laughing. We first met Skeets when he was working as a Yahoo! Sports blogger.

Bio: NBA blogger/ podcaster at The Score
Twitter: @jeskeets
Blogging since:
Jan. 1, 2005
Dlvr-in’ It since: January 2010

Q 1. Dlvr.it: “How did you get started blogging?”
A 1. Skeets: “A friend bet me I couldn’t write a new post every day for a year. The blog was originally called “J.E. Skeets” and was a hodgepodge of observations, photos and videos about random, quotidian topics. Later, I started writing exclusively about the NBA, which in turn scored me writing gigs at AOL, Deadspin and Yahoo! Sports.”

French Army: Better Defender Than David Lee
Q2. Dlvr.it: “What is your favorite team/subject to write about?”
A2. Skeets: “The NBA and/or the hit 1986 BMX movie “Rad.”

French Army: Better Defender Than David Lee
Q3. Dlvr.it: “Why you use Dlvr.it?”
A3. Skeets: “Because other products weren’t delivering my feed to Twitter reliably. I was looking for something to be there when I needed it the most. Thank goodness Dlvr.it was there to “adopt me” and play catch in the backyard.”

Thanks J.E. We appreciate your business.

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