ROI. Metrics. Reach.These are huge concerns for everyone these days – and rightfully so. After all, isn’t one of the primary objectives of technology to get more information and keep track of how we’re doing online? Route Stats makes sure that you get lots of detailed metrics around everything you publish with us. You’ll enjoy a full range of data on clicks, retweet activity, audience reach, follower growth trends and more. Knowing how and where your content is distributed across the Web, you can make better, informed decisions to maximize performance and deliver more of what your followers love.

You already know how many followers you have, but do you know how your follower count trending over time? What content was retweeted? How many additional people did your content reach through retweets and mentions? How many people engaged with your content and clicked on it? provides you with extensive metrics to answer these questions, help you refine your strategy and maximize your social media presence.

We do this by tracking both your direct and your extended reach across the Web. We tally your direct reach by measuring the number of followers of those who re-post your content. The extended reach metric tells you how many people have passed on your content using and other shortening services. We also track your retweets. You can easily view who is retweeting your posts and what they said about it to monitor your viral spread and engage with your most loyal retweeters.

We created these measures to help you track your content distribution, including viral distribution beyond your own network – painting a clear picture of your social media reach. These actionable data points help point to the health and ROI of your social media efforts.