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This week featuring:

1 – A surprising fact: 1 in 3 parents don’t have a clue what their children do for a living. Do your parents?

2 – Two Top Tweets of the week

3 – Three Social Media Growth Hacks

4 – Four Productivity Tips

Surprise of the Week

The top misunderstood jobs revealed by LinkedIn (measured by the percentage of UK parents who weren’t confident about correctly describing them) are:

  1. UI Designer (86%)
  2. Data scientist (76%)
  3. Social media manager (71%)
  4. Actuary (68%)
  5. Sub-editor (66%)
  6. Sociologist (62%)
  7. Radio producer (58%)
  8. PR manager (57%)
  9. Investment banker (55%)
  10. Fashion designer (51%)

To help improve parents’ knowledge of what their child does and give a better insight into their world, companies around the world including Doro, Samsung, Mars and Philips have opened their doors for this year’s LinkedIn Bring in Your Parents Day (#BIYP).

Yes, #BIYP is real! Unfortunately, we missed it this year, but there is always next year!

Bring in your parents to work with you and say thanks for everything they’ve taught you along the way.


Two Top Tweets

This first top tweet has been around for 27 days. It’s fascinating. Remember when we used our cell phones to just call people?

 1 – 254K Shares: Removed: Photographer Removes Phones From His Photos To Show How Terribly Addicted We’ve Become

American photographer Eric Pickersgill removed the smartphones and digital devices from his portraits of everyday life. The project “Removed” aims to show our addiction to technology and hyper-connectivity, and Pickersgill knows that he’s also amongst the addicted. See more.

The project inspiration came from a chance encounter in a NYC cafe

2 – Popular on dlvr.it’s Twitter page: Does Your Email Marketing Need CPR?

Do your email sales results need a first aid intervention? It may be time to perform CPR. Columnist Daniel Faggella breaks down the steps you need to resuscitate your email marketing strategy. Read more.

Three Social Media Growth Hacks

Note: In my opinion, the first social media growth hack listed below may be lengthy but it’s a very insightful post! Definitely worth bookmarking:

1 – 1.6K Shares: How To Suck At Social Media: An Indispensable Guide For Businesses

Facebook, at last count, has 1.5 billion monthly active users. YouTube has 1.2 billion users (watching 6 billion hours of videos!). Instagram has an estimated 400 million users.

Those are some gigantic big numbers!

I believe that every human with time to spare, and a connection to the web, should be on social media. The benefits are numerous.

But, what about businesses? Companies small and big? In India or Japan or the United States? Read more.

2 – 2.5K Shares: Create Your Own Celebrity Status Using Social Media

The bigger the name, the more they get paid. Richard Branson receives $200,000 and a private jet supplied by a client as a minimum for any speaking engagement. Without using an agent or high-priced public relations firm, you can create your own celebrity status as an authority in your business niche to help you dominate your market. Read more.

Create Your Own Celebrity Status Using Social Media

3 – 1.1K Shares: Trick or Treat: 11 Social Media Tricks You May Not Know

Many of your favorite social media networks have fun “hacks” that have flown under the radar of the average user. With Halloween approaching, we figured we’d treat you to eleven of our favorite social media tricks. Read more.

Four Productivity Tips

1 – 1.5K Views: For Brands And PR: When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

I had a visit this past week with Nora Flint, PR Manager of TruConversion. Her company is developing an app to help businesses optimize and track their social media results. With her editorial team, she provided me the answers to some of the world’s burning questions about social media posting in a new infographic, which I’ve made available here.

For entrepreneurs using social media for marketing, here’s the lowdown on what’s working best. Read more.

2 – 1K Shares: Top 10 Tips for Productivity & Peace of Mind

Do you know anybody who’s not busy? Most of us wake up each morning facing crammed calendars and mile-long to-do lists. As a lawyer/wife/mom/writer, I know I certainly do. Out of nerdy fascination and sheer survival instinct, I’ve made a lifelong study of productivity and time management. Here are the top ten tips that help me get done the things that I must or want to do without losing my mind. Read more.

10 Tips for Productivity & Peace of Mind

3 – 4.4K Shares: The Most Useful Tips How Keeping Things Simple Could Make You More Productive And Your Life Easier Like Never Before

Hey my friends i’m pretty sure that you are like me and your days are not well organized and your daily struggles are getting very bored sometimes. If you don’t have a plan to be productive and keep focused, the details that you are responsible for can quickly overwhelm you. For these reason the daily planning is very important thing of your life. Read more.

4 – From the dlvr.it blog: 7 Awesome Standing Desks that Will Change Your Life

With headlines like Sitting is the New Smoking: 4 Simple Tips to Avoid the Negative Side Effects, it’s not new news that sitting all day at work (or home) is killing us. Typing at your computer, mouse scrolling, and emptying your inbox aren’t burning up nearly enough calories. Read more.

First came standing desks, then treadmill desks, now say hello to surfing desks.


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