Apple recently named Flipboard the 2010 iPad app of the year. The beautifully designed, award-winning app creates highly engaging, media-rich, magazine-like experiences on the iPad.

Flipboard makes content from major publications (including Sports Illustrated, Washington Post and Bon Appetit) readily available to Flipboard users in its signature ‘glossy’, sleekly-designed format. Now you can easily create a magazine-style Flipboard version of your own blog or site using – and make it available for anyone to read on the iPad. All you need to get started is a) RSS/Atom feed(s) for your blog or site and b) a Twitter account.

To Flipboard-enable your blog, simply sign up for a account – and use your RSS/Atom feed and your Twitter account during the sign up process. Flipboard users will get your Flipboard-enabled content by simply subscribing to your Twitter account via Flipboard. will automatically post your new content as you publish.

Here’s an example of a Flipboard-enabled blog served via