It is a well-known fact that Google Plus is an extremely important marketing channel and should be a key component of your social media strategy. With over 150 Million users and 50% of them logging in daily, add in its search ranking ability, you have to assume this is where many of your potential customers are spending time. However, not all of them actively participate on Google+. If you are using Google+ plus as your primary social network and want to tap into audiences across social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and more, we’ll show you how to create a feed to easily share your Google+ posts.

Step 1. Fetch the username and ID number of the Google+ account

  1. Go to the Google+ account you want to share. Example:
  2. Scroll over the Google+ name on any of the posts
  3. Copy the Link. You will need the long string of numbers: Google Plus ID

Step 2. Create the Feed

  1. Append this URL with the long string of numbers you pulled in Step 1 (above):
  2. The finished example should look like this:

Step 3. Route the content to social media

  1. Add the new feed URL to a route and share your Google Plus posts to all your social networks. The finished route will look something like this:

Google Plus Posts Shared to Social Media

Example of a Google+ post as a tweet:

Google Plus Post as a Tweet

Use your newly created feed to share across social, display a widget on your website or filter and mash-up to create something new.