Love is in bloom at The Office as it is Valentine’s Day. Millions of people will exchange bouquets of roses, expensive chocolates, cheesy greeting cards and extravagant gifts to express their love to one another on February 14th—but should Cupid steer clear of the workplace? Absolutely, advises Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith.

Why? “Valentine’s Day really can be one of those awkward days in the office”, Williams says. “For a lot of us, we’re spending more time with our office-mates than our significant others, and that inevitably can lead to an awkward kind of ‘Do I get something for him or her?’ moment”, she adds. It may depend on your company’s culture and your relationship with that specific colleague, but in most cases the answer is no.

Quick Refresher: Absolute “Don’ts” at the Office on Valentine’s Day (and every day – really)!

Office Valentine's Day

#1: Don’t give gifts to one or some coworkers and not others.

Remember that girl in your 2nd-grade class who only handed out Valentine’s Day cards and candy to select students? Don’t be her.

#2: Don’t give your coworkers expensive or inappropriate gifts. 

Although you might look at some of your colleagues as friends, beware of buying gifts that are too intimate. It sends the wrong message.

#3: Don’t flirt with coworkers and don’t get physical. 

Just don’t!

kissingemoticon - Office Valentine's Day

“Safe” Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office 

#1: Say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” It’s not against the law. 

It’s a good way to acknowledge the day without crossing any lines or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

#2: Bring a treat, like cupcakes or chocolates, for everyone in the office to enjoy.

As long as you’re not targeting a specific person, this is a safe and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work.

Valentine's Day Cupcakes with white frosting and small heart

#3: Use the day to remind yourself and your coworkers what you love about your job.

Here’s a thought, embrace the Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Imagine if for one week, all of your social media feeds were flooded with kindness. Uplifting news stories, inspiring quotes, kind comments…for one week everyone united to focus on the positive. That’s the goal of #RAKWeek.

10 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Valetine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!