The Pinterest RSS post was first published on June 22, 2013. We’ve updated it with new solutions and a tutorial to make it super simple to use.

A growing number of users have asked us how to best use with Pinterest. One fast and easy way to get started using and Pinterest is to add your Pinterest RSS feeds to as a content source. Then let post your latest pins to your social networks.

Solution 1. Pinterest RSS to Social Media

You can easily connect your Pinterest account to Once you set this up, will automatically share your Pins to your social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. We’ll post your pinned photos in a visually rich photo post style — not just text and a link to view the photo on Pinterest.

1. Sign into your account. Click ‘+’

Pinterest RSS Step 1


2. Click the Pinterest icon

Pinterest RSS Step 2

3. Enter ‘Pinterest User’ name

–> Optionally, you can specify a Pinterest Board name. cannot connect to secret Pinterest Boards

Pinterest RSS Step 3 & 4


4. Click ‘save’

How to Find Your Pinterest Username?

To find your Pinterest username, log into Pinterest and go to Scroll down to the Profile > Username section.

Your username will look something like this Just enter your username in and not the entire URL. (Don’t include this part:


You’re all set! When you pin photos, will automatically post those new pins to your social networks. Here is how it looks:

Pinterest RSS: Pinterst to Social Example

Solution 2. Finding the RSS Feed of  Pinterest User / Board

Below are instructions for finding:

(a) Your Pinterest User RSS / Atom feed (all your public pins)

(b) Your individual board RSS / Atom feeds (feeds for each of your boards).

Pinterest User RSS Feed

You’ll find your User RSS feed by entering your Pinterest URL, and adding /feed.rss to the end of the URL. Examples:

The Pinterest URL for is:

The Pinterest feed URL for is:

To get your Pinterest User feed, just replace dlvrit in the URL above with your Pinterest username.

PinBoard RSS Feeds

You’ll find your Board RSS feeds by entering your Pinterest Board URL and adding .rss to the end of the URL.

The Pinterest board for our blog, the Social Media Minute:

The RSS feed for the board is:

Would love to hear how you are using your Pinterest RSS feed. Leave your ideas in the comments.

Happy Pinning!