What tips do you have for putting together a brand page on LinkedIn that supports company growth?

3 Tips to Boost SEO with LinkedIn Company Pages

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Here are tips from members of YEC on how to make a strong company LinkedIn page:

1. Showcase Your Personality

LinkedIn followers are very different from those on other social networks in that you know why they’re there — they’re considering working for you one day. That means you can showcase the best things about your company, especially the personality of your culture and team. Don’t shy away from being clear — they need to love it as much as you do!
– Derek FlanzraichGreatist

2. Edit Your Company Description

LinkedIn brand pages are very SEO friendly. Google previews up to 156 characters of your page’s text in its meta description. Edit your company page description so it leads with powerful, keyword-rich sentences. LinkedIn users can also search for companies by keyword, so include words that describe your business, expertise and industry focus.
– Brett FarmiloeDigital Marketing Company

3. Add Keywords

Add the keywords you want your company to rank for to your LinkedIn company page. This will help people find your profile and will also help your company rank better with search engines. Also, connect your employees’ profiles to your LinkedIn page so there’s more activity and connections leading their contacts to the page.
– Joe ApfelbaumAjax Union

4. Highlight How Cool Your Company Culture Is

Highlight how much employees love working at your company and how much you love the work they do for you. Show the outside world that your company’s values extend beyond providing a terrific product and include having a terrific in-house culture, as well.
– Brooke BergmanAllied Business Network Inc.

5. Use Video

You need to stand out among the crowd. Not many companies are doing video or visual content. Showcase this on there, and it’ll attract a lot of people.
– John RamptonAdogy

6. Have Others Share Your Story

I really think having others tell our story for us is much more valuable than us telling our story. Having employees, interns, clients and partner organizations share their experiences working with us provides a unique frame of reference that we can’t achieve.
– Chris CancialosiGothamCulture

7. Feature Employees

Showcase your company culture by using status updates to feature employees who went above and beyond and awards the company has received. After, review engagement metrics, and sponsor your best posts.
– Adam RootHiplogiq

8. Support It With Content

LinkedIn thrives on quality content. When people aren’t reading personal profiles, they’re often reading the best articles that are being shared on the site. Having a strong company network that engages with your quality content is going to drive people to your brand page (which will be quality, as well).
– Michael SeimanCPXi

9. Keep It Appropriately Updated

So many businesses are bad at keeping the page updated with new announcements or content, and any new visitor is going to think it’s dead and not happening and then move on. Keep the page active, even if you don’t see a ton of immediate ROI. We’re not talking a huge time investment here. However, don’t get overzealous without a good plan and just post anything just to be posting it.
– Andy KaruzaBrandbuddee

10. Post Relevant Information Often

Whether you want to grow your client base or add new employees, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your company’s talents and unique offerings. Make the most of the tabs LinkedIn offers by listing recent updates on your company’s homepage and current job openings along with videos of employees discussing what it’s like to work at your company on the careers page.
– Björn StansvikMentorMate

One final tip from dlvr.it:

11. Automatically Share and Schedule Updates to your Company Page

Automatically posting to a LinkedIn Company Page using dlvr.it makes it easy to manage and measure your presence on LinkedIn. By sharing content on your LinkedIn Company Page you will not only reap the benefits of being found in Google but you will increase your relevance across LinkedIn’s vertical search engine.
– Bill Flitterdlvr.it

This article (Tips #1 – #10) originally appeared on Small Biz Technology, a dlvr.it content partner.