As we discussed in an earlier post, everything is instantaneous these days. That’s why we’re excited to announce that is now fully PuSH (pubsubhubbub) enabled. You publish and we deliver…now!

If your feed is PuSH enabled, will receive new items as you publish. We’ll immediately post those items to twitter, facebook and all your destinations.

In short, this means gets your content in front of your audience – Fast!

So what’s all the fuss about PuSH and real-time publishing? Prior to the arrival of PuSH, it could take an hour or more from the moment you published an article until it was in front of your readers in Google Reader, Twitter, or Facebook. This delay was largely due to feed retrieval lag time at each step in the distribution chain. With PuSH, the content distribution timeline – from publication to consumption – is condensed to a few moments. This means immediate distribution of your content to your readers.

Distribution lag time creates real, tangible pain for many publishers, especially publishers in highly competitive markets. Based on our data, the vast majority of clicks on a new stories occur within a couple of hours of publication. This means that the lifespan of news is very short. And publishers who don’t get their news out quickly are at risk of becoming irrelevant — other publishers get their stories out first and quickly grab the limited attention of readers. The accelerating competition for attention and the increasingly condensed lifespan of news make it essential to break news as fast as possible.

So by leveraging PuSH-enabled in your distribution process, you’re giving your content the speed it needs to get to your audience fast, bolstering your relevance, reach and readership.

Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby

Update: automatically activates real-time updates for your PuSH enabled feeds. You don’t need to make any adjustments to your settings to take advantage of real-time updates — we’ll automatically recognize PuSH-enabled feeds and subscribe to your hub. To determine if your feed is PuSH enabled look for the “hub” tag in your feed source — it will look something like this:

<atom10:link xmlns:atom10="" rel="hub" 
href="" />

Keep in mind that if you are using a feed management service like Feedburner, there may be a delay between the time you publish and the time Feedburner picks up your content. This will lead to a delay in receiving your updates. More on Feedburner feeds and PuSH.