(#TechTalkThursday) If you are a parent, you know there is no truer statement than this one from an old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” A strong community that includes baby sitters, nannies, friends, grandparents, teachers, coaches and more are needed to lend a helping hand in raising our children. This type of support is welcome and necessary to prepare our kids for tomorrow.

Can the Same be True in Business?

This leads me to think about business and teamwork. Does it take a village to do social media? There is only so much time in a day. Focus is important to get all the tasks done on our to-do list. Where does social media rank on your list?

In a previous post, we discussed the value of teamwork and whether or not, two heads are better than one. Quite surprising, research from a noted psychologist concluded that groups perform either no differently or significantly worse than individuals.

Leading to the question: What is the value of working together? People have more fun and view work activities as more enjoyable when working in groups.

How to Have More Fun with Social Media

If teamwork leads to more fun, then why do social media alone? Get a little help.

Competition is fierce in today’s workplace. The need for teamwork and collaboration is crucial for success. According to Salesforce.com:

96% of executives cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communication as the primary reasons responsible for workplace failures.

So, what’s a business owner or social media manager to do? Simple answer: Collaborate and have fun by adding teammates to your dlvr.it account! Watch this tutorial to learn How to add teammates to your dlvr.it account.

How to Add Mutliple users to a dlvr.it account

A big benefit to adding additional users is security. You can invite several teammates to an account each with unique credentials. In the event someone leaves the company, you simply delete their access. No need to create a master login and resend it to the rest of the team.

In addition to security, reducing workload and saving time are huge benefits. Each team member can:

  1. Review stats and look at progress
  2. Schedule content on one calendar from different computers
  3. Manage social media when a teammate is on vacation
  4. Troubleshoot issues that may occur
  5. Upload content and promotions
  6. General management of the account

Now it’s your turn. Login to your dlvr.it account. Add a new user to your account. You’ll find it easier to manage the workload when you have the extra help!

Featured image by: Cory Doctorow