Two companies we have a ton of respect for in the content curation space, Buffer and Swayy have recently made announcements about a change in their business. Swayy is ceasing operations completely while Buffer is retiring their Content Suggestion feature as of August 1. From the Buffer blog:

…When we practiced this reflection with Buffer’s Suggestions feature recently, we decided that they’ve reached the end of their journey. Beginning August 1, we’ll start turning off Suggestions in phases, the final phase to be turned off somewhere around the end of August.

We’ve had many people reach out to us and ask questions about a new service focused on content suggestion and curation called Concierge.

Is Concierge a Buffer Suggestions replacement?
Can I use Concierge as a replacement for Swayy?

Alternative to Buffer App

The short answer is YES. Concierge is a replacement for Buffer’s Suggestion feature. The slight difference is we depend upon the human touch to help surface relevant content and make it more ‘social’. Behind the scenes, we have editors reviewing content before it makes it into your social stream. You tell us what you need and we go to work. It is pretty much smartly automated from your point of view. We recognize each customer is slightly different and so is the content we place in your social media feeds. We call this smart auto–curation with the human element.

This is just the beginning for us. We have new features launching very soon and we are always interested in your feedback. For more information on content sharing features of Concierge, click the banner below.

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