Looking for an easy way to tweak your item text prior to posting to Twitter or Facebook? Now you can modify your feed item text right from dlvr.it — using simple find and replace rules. dlvr.it will scan each new item and will make your desired text changes prior to posting.

search replace

Many dlvr.it users have been using 3rd party services, such as Yahoo Pipes, to modify the text of their feed items. With dlvr.it’s new find and replace feature, dlvr.it users can do all their text modifications from right inside dlvr.it. This further simplifies content distribution for our users by eliminating the need to use another service to accomplish simple (or complex) text manipulation.

To modify your feed item text:

1. Sign up for dlvr.it

2. Select a Feed
From Deliveries > Routes, rollover the feed you want to modify and click the edit button (pencil icon). Select the Item Text Tab.

3. Set your rules
Select Replace and set your Find Text and Replace With text. Or select Remove, and set the text you want to remove from your feed items.

find and replace

Set as many rules as you wish. The rules will run in sequence (top to bottom), and you may drag and drop the rules to run in your desired sequence. Advanced options allow you to set case sensitive searches, choose which fields (title and/or body) are modified, and more.

4. Save
You’re done!

Now, we’ll scan each new item and apply your replace/remove rules prior to posting. Finally, after replacing and/or removing text, we’ll tack on any prefixes/suffixes and/or auto hashtags that you’ve defined.