Here at we’re always cooking up new ways for you to package and distribute your content. Today, we’re pleased to introduce our latest innovation — the Flipstream.

A Flipstream is a collection of web pages shared together in an easy-to-flip, magazine-like bundle. You can create a Flipstream to share a group of your personally curated web pages. Here’s an example:

Flipstreams are a great way to drive more traffic to your site and increase engagement with your content. You can connect your visitors to a bundle of webpages with a single link shared via your social networks. And viewers can easily share your content via Twitter and Facebook right from the Flipstream viewer.

To create your own Flipstream and share via your social networks:

1. Log into your account

2. Go to Post > Flipstream

3. Enter the URL of the webpages for your Flipstream and post to your social networks. Here’s a screengrab of the Flipstream creation interface.

We’ll keep track of your Flipstream stats, including the total number of visits to your Flipstream and the number of views on each individual page in your bundle.