The Friday Column: Tips to jump start the weekend and make you a star before Monday. It’s that easy.

Twitter_StockTwitter’s initial public offering last week opened at $26 per share, fluctuated throughout the day and closed at $44.90.  The rocket ride obviously thrilled its founders, employees and early investors but as we know, newly traded shares are volatile.  Just take a look at this week where the ride looked more like a jet in turbulence.

The important question is how Twitter’s value will compare over time to its step-cousin Facebook and its second cousin once removed, LinkedIn.  Here’s an interesting infographic from Statista on what your return would have been over the past decade if you had stayed in the market (and not panicked) on a few successful tech IPO’s.  Is Twitter the next “big” one?  What about the next wave of potentially hot IPOs including popular services such as AirBnB, Square, Spotify, Uber, Snapchat, Pinterest, Scribd and Flipboard. I’m busy this weekend but can somebody please dust off a calculator, dig deep into your memory bank back to Econ 101, crunch some numbers and let me know what you think?  If you’re busy like me, just enjoy your weekend!  Twitter will still be on fire on Monday and the “next big thing” is still brewing in the mind of your 12-year old while busy playing Minecraft!