We often get the question from overworked business owners, busy social media managers, and resource-constrained nonprofits,  “How can I automate my social posts when I don’t have an RSS feed ?” No feed, no problem. The tools below can help you maximize your productivity and scale your social media presence with or without an RSS feed.

Another question from our busy users, “How can I automate social when I don’t create a lot of content?” Keep reading, we have a few easy to implement solutions.

To automate or not to automate?

Automation has its place in the social sphere. It is one piece of the puzzle for a successful social media program, but I don’t believe in a “set it and forget it” approach. I do believe in the productivity improvements that automation can deliver including keeping costs down which can be critical for a small business owner. Automation is the backbone of what we created at dlvr.it.

Why is consistency important?

Silence on social media is one of the reasons fans unfollow your social streams. An essential element to a successful social media presence is a consistent flow of content to remind your fans that you are still relevant. Businesses need to be consistently active on their social networks. But not every business owner has the time and resources to post every day, and smaller companies can with just posting once a week and especially during weekends, evenings, holidays and vacation

The first step is to determine what to share.  Next, but just as important, is to figure out how best to create a consistent routine to get it done whether its posting daily, weekly or semi-monthly.  Once this is decided, use the ideas and tools below with how-to links to help scale your efforts and increase productivity with social media.

  1. Create a drip campaign with Q by dlvr.it

    If used smartly, scheduling content for social media can be a productivity aid. Scheduling content offers the flexibility to plan your message in advance and saves hours of time every week. Block out 30 minutes each week to write a few relevant updates.

How to get it done:


  1. Add a bookmarklet

    If you are like most people, you’ve come across a great article and emailed it to a group of people. By adding a dlvr.it sharing bookmarklet to your browser, with one click, you can instantly share relevant content that your social followers will enjoy.

How to get it done:


  1. Create a Flipstream

    A Flipstream is a collection of web pages shared together in an easy-to-flip, magazine-like bundle. You can create a Flipstream to share a group of your personally curated web pages, product offerings or landing pages. Flipstreams are an excellent way to drive more traffic to your site and increase engagement with followers on social.

How to get it done:


  1. Curate Content

    Find strong sources of industry-specific content that your audience will enjoy that you won’t have to create. This is called content curation. Share individual stories on a schedule or use the RSS feed from these third party sources, filter the content to match exactly what you want to pull from the RSS feed and share. It is generally acceptable to share other people’s content with your followers as long as you give credit by linking to the source.

How to get it done: