Do you get frustrated when you see readers unsubscribe from your email list? If you are like me, I hate Email subscribe churn.  It is unfortunate reality of doing business. There are steps you can take to reduce churn and win back subscribers.

I remember what a wise old marketer once told me when I was young and naive.

Me: “Wise old marketer, tell me the secret to knowing what my customers want?”

Wise Old Marketer: “Ask them.”

Is Your Churn Rate High? 

The number one reason for subscriber churn is because subscribers feel they’re getting too many emails. A MarketingSherpa study found that 86% of people would prefer to receive an email from a company once per month.

Top reasons Constant Contact found for email churn:

  • 69%—Too many emails from the business/organization
  • 56%—The content is no longer relevant
  • 51%—The content wasn’t what I expected

In general, if you get less than a 2% churn rate, you are within industry norms.

Personal and authentic interaction may just convince someone to join again. The process to win back subscribers is simple:

  1. Email a reader that just unsubscribed using your private email address.
  2. Ask them politely why they unsubscribed. Ask for candid feedback.
  3. If they respond, acknowledge their response and address any concerns they had.

Here is an example of an email we send:

How to Reduce Email Churn and Win Back More Unsubscribes


Even if you don’t succeed in convincing someone to come back, the feedback you’ll receive is priceless. It only takes a few minutes to quickly send an email asking why.

It goes without saying – if you see a common thread of why people unsubscribe, make the necessary adjustments.

Additional tips to reduce email churn rate from Kuno Creative :

  • Audit your database to determine subscriber engagement
  • Offer alternative methods for staying in touch
  • Develop an on-boarding program for new subscribers

For more tips on keeping a healthy email newsletter, read How to Create the Perfect Email Newsletter: Best Strategies to Boost Performance [Backed by Research]