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A crazy but awesome productivity tool…

Proven by social media research:  Coffitivity

Today, our goal at Coffitivity is simple: we’re here to help you work better. We started with a way to boost your creativity, and now we’re working on a suite of tools to give you the extra kick in other aspects of your work day.

Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe and social media to boost your creativity and help you work better.

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Social Media News & Growth Hacks

1 – How to Turn Anyone Into a Blogger

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. – Douglas Adams

Maintaining a regular blogging schedule can be extraordinarily difficult. But that does not change the fact that maintaining a regular blog is one of the best ways to keep leads coming into your site.

So how exactly are you supposed to blog 15 times a month when you can barely manage one a week?

1 – Put Out the Call

2 – Uncover Expertise

3 – Be Flexible

4 – Provide Resources

5 – Give Great Feedback

6 – Set Your Bloggers Free


Reader Submission:

The following is a great list of the best local SEO posts of 2015, which also throw light on what this year has in store. Reader submission from Vivek Patel (a regular reader of our blog):

2 – 68 Great Local SEO Posts of 2015

Here’s a snapshot from Local SEO Competition Analysis:

Social Media Roundup: 68 Great Local SEO Posts of 2015

3 – 50 Everyday Words That Actually Started as Brands and Trademarks

Madonna. Shakespeare. Oprah. Fabio. Bono. Adele. Picasso.

 You know you’ve made it when you’re known by just one name or word; when a single spoken breath can trigger everything about you in the minds of the listener, and it’s practically synonymous with your product.

Social Media Roundup: 50 Everyday Words That Actually Started as Brands and Trademarks

4 – YouTube, Advanced Technology, And The “Billion-People Problem”

Social Media Roundup: YouTube, Advanced Technology, And The "Billion-People Problem"
Growth in YouTube uploads, in hours per minute


The planet’s biggest video service boasts increasing technical sophistication. Every bit of it has to scale up. And much of it is invisible.



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