dlvr.it has teamed up with StockTwits to create a powerful one-click solution for public companies, investors, stock market professionals and traders to instantly share stocktwits_financial_web_reachimportant company information, ideas and investor intelligence with StockTwits influential community of 40 million investors across the financial web, including:

  • financial data
  • press releases
  • earnings calls
  • quarterly financial releases
  • company news & press
  • updates on corporate social responsibility programs
  • evangelize their company or offer an opinion on a particular stock

According to a recent study, 40% of Wall Street investors are already using social media as one of their key information sources. NIRI’s recent survey results supports the same findings; 52% of institutional investors use social media as part of their research process and “the vast majority of these respondents indicate that it has influenced their investment decisions at least occasionally.”

With social media playing an increasing role  in investor communications, the addition of StockTwits to dlvr.it’s library of social media destinations, Investor Relations Officers can feel confident they can use one solution to communicate with multiple stakeholders – customers, employees, communities, analysts and influential investors across all the major social media networks.


The StockTwits implementation allows for the use of StockTwits innovative cashtags in addition to one of the more fun advanced features – sentiment analysis. Choosing this option will automatically post sentiment (#bullish or #bearish) based on item categories or hashtags.


What are Cashtags?

Cashtags are the “$” followed by the ticker symbol (example: Teslas’s cashtag is $TSLA). Cashtags are hyperlinked on both StockTwits and Twitter to other conversations about that stock.

The dlvr.it and StockTwits solution makes it easy to increase awareness and broaden access to company information:

  • Share industry and sector news/media coverage
  • Link to analyst reports and trade information
  • Share company news  – new products, press releases, corporate social
    responsibility information
  • Elicit questions in advance of the quarterly earnings call
  • Live-tweets during annual meetings and analyst/investor days
  • Cross-post content throughout the financial web

Follow this link to learn how to add StockTwits to a dlvr.it route.