Twitter Impacts Holiday Shopping

The Friday Column: Tips to jump start the weekend and make you a star before Monday. It’s that easy.

According to Twitter, 30% of Twitter users were thinking about holiday shopping before October even began.  Seriously?  I’m not surprised but please, let me at least get through Halloween.

There is no doubt, social media played a big role in 2012 Holiday sales:

  • 14.5% of Amazon’s traffic on the day after Thanksgiving came from social sites
  • 80% of shoppers that received a response on a brand’s social channel went on to make a purchase from that brand
  • Recommendations of social media users are 2 times more likely to lead to a holiday gift purchase

I asked my sister, a seasoned district manager with Walgreens, about this trend and not surprising, her response was “Christmas, I’m done with that, already stocking for Valentine’s Day!”

Happy Easter everyone!


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