Yes, it’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day, a day to give and receive love…in the form of gifts and goodies or according to my brother-in-law, a great day for pizza!

Fortunately, it’s not too late for your small business to use a Valentine’s Day marketing strategy even if you’re not a pizza parlor. Delighting and surprising your customers with a unique message isn’t difficult or time-consuming, and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies

Here are seven quick ideas to get you started:

1. Send a Heartfelt Email to Your Customers

Send a “heartfelt” email to your customer list telling them you appreciate them and why. As a small business owner, you may have a more intimate relationship with your clients than a large corporation would so use that to your advantage to build the relationships.

Maybe even share a little pizza humor:

Valentine's Day marketing strategy: Share a little pizza humor

2. Decorate with Pizza Hearts

If you own a retail store, spread a little love throughout your store with hearts and pizza lights. Not only with this create an air of festivity, but it will also get shoppers in the mood to find something special for their Valentines.


Valentine's Day marketing strategy: Pizza inspired lights for your business.

3. Package Items Together

Choose a few products to bundle together. You can even group a popular item with one that isn’t selling well. You’ll see more people pick up the bundles as an added-value item than would buy them separately.

Valentine's Day marketing strategy: Two pizza's for the price of one.

4. Send a Pizza Valentine Card via Snail Mail

Just like you might send holiday cards to your clients in the winter, send Valentine’s Day cards now. It’s a thoughtful (or cheesy) way to show you’re thinking about your customers, and it will keep you at the top of their minds.

Valentine's Day marketing strategy: Take your relationship to the next step with this cheesy valentines day card.

5. Tweet or Blog About Valentine’s Day Marketing Gift Ideas

If you use Twitter or your blog to market your business, write about fun valentine’s day gift ideas. By making it easy to get gift ideas, you’re connecting with new customers and making their shopping trip a breeze.

Valentine's Day marketing strategy: Pizzacraft grilled pizza set.

Results of the grilled pizza cone – YUM!

Valentine's Day marketing strategy: Results of the Pizza Cone.

6. Get Social

Share a unique Valentine’s promo code on Facebook and Twitter, only good for your social media followers. You can pick up new customers in this way, and reward those that are already loyal customers.

Valentine's Day marketing strategy:: Facebook helps you connect with pizza's in your life.

Another great social media strategy you can use for Valentine’s Day is to post a “love note” to your customers and fans on Facebook each day in February. Just a heartfelt message, such as “we love our customer who always brings in her sweet poodle to the store!”

7. Let Customers Show Their Love

Hang a large chalkboard or whiteboard at the front of your store, and write “I Love _________.” Then let customers fill in the blank. It’s a great interactive addition to your store, and one they’ll tell their friends about!

Valentine's Day marketing strategy: I love pizza chalkboard.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!